Hey, I’m Matt, a frontend
developer creating interfaces that work for everyone.work on all devices.load fast.convert.just work.

I like working in small, collaborative teams, working alongside design and UX departments in component-driven, Agile workflows. I’m that guy that actually enjoys writing CSS!

I'm looking for work

I'm currently looking for remote or hybrid frontend developer roles in Sussex. Please get in touch

Latest side projects

There’s no such thing as a bad idea right? ....right?

A few of my favourite things

  • Matt playing the drums. His mouth is wide open
  • Matt running in shorts and a coat. He is smiling
  • A 4 year old, sat in front of a giant pizza. His mouth is wide open in awe


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Senior frontend developer
Sep 2021 - present

As the first frontend hire at the company, I was brought on to build out a component library that had been designed in Figma. This project was a success in that it allowed the business to work at a fast pace and iterate on the product. I was responsible for regularly updating the components to ensure they were fit for purpose and easy to use.

My research found a lack of a Storybook equivalent for Laravel. In response, I gradually built a site for documenting and testing the components that was used by the designers and developers.

I was also responsible for selecting the frontend tech stack and making decisions about when to update or rebuild areas of the codebase. One example of this is a drag and drop UI that had grown in complexity and the state management was getting out of hand. I made the decision to rebuild it in Vue which reduced bugs and sped up UI updates. The decision was not taken lightly as it was a primary part of the product and in constant use. Due to it's modular build, much of the backend remained the same and the tests did not need updating, simplifying the process.

As the primary point of contact for frontend work, I oversaw all frontend tasks completed by backend developers and worked closely with the design and UX team to ensure that all site changes met their standards. I also took on on-call responsibilities for addressing customer issues and contributed to the public-facing documentation for our javascript library.

My role was spread across three codebases, the product itself (an installable widget), the admin areas and the marketing website.